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29 January

17:00 on Zoom

UNYA Best Practice Call: Social Media


13 – 17 February


GIMUN Conference

«Addressing conflicts and crisis: the new perspectives of the regional and international institutions»

The Western narrative about conflicts fails to encompass and recognize the efforts of regional organizations in the resolution of said conflicts. We chose for this year to hold debates showcasing their abilities in doing so, and their importance in mediation. Our Conference’s theme will revisit the role and perspectives of these regional actors, which can be associations, intergovernmental organizations, or even United Nations Agencies, in facing various types of conflicts and crisis.

26 February

17:00 on Zoom

UNYA Best Practice Call: Rules of Procedure


2 March

19:00 UZH Zentrum

MUN Team UZH: Guest Speaker Event with Prof. em. Dr. Michael Ambühl

“Switzerland’s Role and Potential in the UN Security Council”

5 March

13:00 Bern

UNYA General Assembly

UNYA’s Spring GA will take place at the World Trade Institute in Bern. We look forward to a fruitful General Assembly with our member associations to both review UNYA’s activities of the last year as well as announce exciting projects for the future! On 5 March, new members may be elected to the UNYA Executive Board. Fill out the form below to apply for a board position.

7 March

13:15 – 14:45 Bern

ASNU Manifestation de la session de printemps “Suisse – ONU” / GSUN Sessionsanlass “Schweiz – UNO”

“Résolus à préserver les générations futures du fléau de la guerre” / “Fest entschlossen, künftige Generationen vor der Geisel des Krieges zu bewahren”

12 – 16 March


Swiss Delegation at Harvard WorldMUN 2023

Delegates from seven Swiss MUN Associations (ETH MUN, FriMUN, GIMUN, MUN Bern, MUN EPFL, MUN Team Uni Basel, MUN Team UZH) are heading to Paris to participate in “the olympics of Model United Nations”!

16 March


Geneva Trialogue 2023

30 March  – 2 April


EPFL Conference

“The Energy Crisis: Solutions Today for a Better Tomorrow”

Our goal is to create a common ground for attendees from all around the world, where they will be immersing themselves in an intellectually demanding environment, adopting other perspectives, and employing the art of negotiation to achieve meaningful resolutions. 


2 April

17:00 on Zoom

UNYA Best Practice Call: Alumni

How can a community of former MUN members be preserved?

20 – 21 April

Palais des Nations

GIMUN  x UNIDIR Conference on the Implications of the Use and Development of Lethal Autonomous Weapons

GIMUN is hosting a conference on the theme of lethal autonomous weapons at the Palais des Nations in collaboration with the UN Institute on Research and Disarmament (UNIDIR). UNYA and GIMUN members are given early access to apply, so please sign up to debate this very current topic with us in Geneva!

23 April

17:00 on Zoom

UNYA Best Practice Call: Topic tbd

27 – 30 April


ZuMUN 2023: The Zurich Conference

“The Circle of Political Extremism”

The UN was created with the vision of maintaining world peace and security. However, with the pronounced rise of anti-system and extremist parties, the subsistence of international peace is called into question. Extremist thinking can be nostalgic of a radicalized past which idealizes authoritarianism. Looking at the present state of the world, we can draw a distressing parallel with the interwar period. What resolutions can we therefore create to prevent such misfortune from happening again?






24 September

17:00 on Zoom

UNYA Best Practice Call: Topic tbd


14 – 15 October

ETH Zurich

ETH MUN: Mini-Conference

18 October

ETH Zurich


More information will follow soon.


11 – 12 November

University of Bern

UNYA Conference

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