UNYA is the umbrella organization for Swiss student and youth associations dedicated to the United Nations. Founded in 2007, the network gathers ten students associations from three linguistic regions in Switzerland. The majority of its member associations are Model United Nations (MUN) teams of the different Swiss Universities. They organise and participate at simulations of UN conferences and engage in various activities such as panel discussions, workshops, round tables and mini simulations.

Organisational structure

The organs of UNYA are the General Assembly, the Executive Board, the Advisory Board and the auditors.

The General Assembly consists of its member associations and takes place at least once a year, normally twice. The member associations elect the Executive Board, which normally consists of current or former board members of the member associations of UNYA.

The Executive Board ensures the running of the associations and organises activities such as best practice calls, conferences, panel discussions and round tables. It also coordinates activities between multiple member associations and participates in activities of UNYA organisations of other countries.

The Advisory Board consists of former members of the Executive Board as well as people that have substantially contributed to the activities of UNYA. The Advisory Board ensures the smooth transition between boards as well as the continuation of the activities of UNYA throughout the years. It is also there to keep track of long term projects of the association.

The auditors regularly check the finances of the associations.


Learn more about UNYA Switzerland by consulting our Articles of Association

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