Executive Board

The UNYA board is the executive branch of the association. It is in charge of the finances of the association, its relations with its partners and member societies as well as the organisation of various events throughout the year.

Natalie Joray

Natalie Joray has joined the UNYA board in Autumn 2020. She has been involved in MUN since her last year in high school in 2016 and served as a public relations director of GIMUN, as well as the Secretary General for the GIMUN Conference 2021 while pursuing her bachelors in International Relations in Geneva. Currently, she's doing her Masters in Standardisation, Social Regulations and Sustainable Development at the University of Geneva. As she has profited both academically and professionally from her experiences with GIMUN and active MUNer, she'd love to provide new students with the same opportunities. She is dedicated to increase collaborations between the UNYA member associations and to contribute to the strengthening of the Swiss MUN network through common events, joint delegations and other networking opportunities.


Aral Arbatli has joined the UNYA board as a treasurer in Autumn 2021. Besides his engagement for UNYA, he is also the treasurer of MUN EPFL.


Amin Tlili studies Political Science and Law at the University of Zürich. He has joined the board in Autumn 2020 and has since then been assisting in projects whenever more manpower or expertise were of need. He began his MUN career at the St. Gallen MUN, and then, after continuing his studies in Zurich, joined the MUN Team UZH where he is currently serving my second term on the board. Throughout his MUN path I’ve been to many conferences and met many other Swiss MUNers, and those connections inspired him to join UNYA to enable connections like that for future MUNers still to come. Overall, his goal with UNYA is to strengthen Swiss MUN societies through cooperation