Executive Board

The UNYA board is the executive branch of the association. It is in charge of the finances of the association, its relations with its partners and member societies as well as the organisation of various events throughout the year.

Nicolas Cavadini

Nicolas is a 22-year-old student from Ticino, studying International Relations at the University of Geneva. From a young age, Nicolas was always interested in what was happening outside his region, abroad. For this reason, Nicolas pursed his post-secondary studies in Geneva, the epicenter of international relations. He then proceeded to join Geneva International Model United Nations (GIMUN) as a delegate and was later elected as the Secretary-General in 2021. Being very passionate on Model UN, he has already attended conferences in Russia, Spain, and Albania. On these occasions, he had the opportunity to forge links and gain experiences meeting a variety of people from different backgrounds. He looks forward to contributing to UNYA by bringing together young Swiss people, passionate about the world of Model UN.

Ali Sourhane

Ali Sourhane is a second-year Mathematics Bachelor’s student at EPFL. He is passionate about politics, history, sports, finance, and debating. With prior MUN conference experience, Ali believes that MUN provides an excellent platform for exchanging ideas and experiences, refining one’s negotiation and debating skills, and ultimately enhancing one’s intellect. He is absolutely delighted with the relationships he created during the many MUNs he is been to . Given his interest in finance and politics he has joined the UNYA board as its treasurer and with his role he is determined to strengthen the ties between all the MUN community in Switzerland and bring out the best in each and every one .

Darius Niederer

Darius Niederer studies political science and history at the University of Zurich. As a veteran of debate and MUN in high school at the International School of Zug and Lucerne and the UZH MUN, he joined the board of UNYA in 2023. As a dual citizen of New Zealand and Switzerland the international nature of MUN is a natural field of interest and he is dedicated to extending the collaboration between organisations within Switzerland and beyond.

Aral Arbatlı

Aral Arbatlı is a Life Sciences Engineering student from EPFL. A lover of history, and geopolitics but also science, he loves bringing a bit of scientific flare into MUN. Being a Turkish citizen studying in Switzerland, he deeply values the diverse international and local connections MUN brings together. Having worked in various positions in MUN EPFL and UNYA since 2020 and 2021 respectively, he believes the already tightly connected MUN world in Switzerland can only benefit from better integration and efficiency.