Best Practice Calls

As part of its mission to create synergies between the different member associations, UNYA organsies monthly best practice calls (BPCs). These calls allow our members to get to know each other, to learn from other associations and profit from their experiences as well as to keep up to date with the activities of other associations. The BPCs also contribute to the knowledge retention of MUN associations in Switzerland through regular exchanges and the sharing of best practices.

Current BPCs

Fall-Winter 2023/2024

Next Best Practice Call

September 24

More interesting discussions to follow

October 29


Contact the UNYA Executive Board for your topic requests

November 26

Previous Series

Spring-Summer 2023

Delegate of Switzerland raises his placard

MUN Alumni

2 April

Rules of Procedure

February 26

Social Media

January 29

Fall-Winter 2022/2023

Event Management

December 18

Gavel with UNYA placard

Funding Protocol

November 27

Placard being raised, view from behind

UNYA Re-Structuring

October 10th

Spring-Summer 2022

Participants to the 2022 UNYA Crisis Conference listening to a delegate speaking

MUN in Highschools

April 3rd

UNYA Placards

Budgeting and finance

May 8th

Person speaking in front of delegates

Graphic design and social media

June 5th

Weekly sessions

August 7th

Event organisation

September 4th

Fall-Winter 2021/2022

Smiling conference participants during the Opening Ceremony

in board transitions

November 7th

Presentation of sponsors

Contacting sponsors

December 5th

Group photo of three members of the FriMUN executive board during the Crisis Conference 2022

Member acquisition

February 9th


Placard and handwritten notes

Anti-harassment policy

March 6th