Mission Statement

JUNES – United Nations Youth Association Switzerland

Founded by former Federal Councilor Micheline Calmy-Rey in 2007, JUNES has ever since served to unite the Swiss youth associations dedicated to the United Nations and to sensitize youth to the work and values of the UN. Its history is characterised by remarkable achievements and distinguished human capacities.

JUNES is the umbrella organization of thirteen youth associations dedicated to the UN. Most of its members are Model United Nations (MUN) teams based at Swiss Universities. As an umbrella organization, JUNES does not accept autonomous individuals independent of its member association as members.

Thanks to the financial support of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, through member contributions and external funding via sponsorship JUNES annually carries out a series of mandated and self-initiated projects. The projects are planned and implemented autonomously by JUNES members. Due to these projects, Swiss adolescents and young adults are sensitized and made aware of the activities of the UN. The activities of JUNES give Swiss youth thus a notion of the importance and complexity of multilateral diplomacy, as practiced in the United Nations.