UNYA organises various events throughout the year. Below you can find the events taking place in Spring/Summer 2022

Geneva Trialogue

16th of March 2023 - UNYA is excited to participate as a round table host in the Geneva Trialogue 2023.

MUN Hackathon

19th-20th of March 2022 - As a follow up event to the Geneva Trialogue, UNYA organised the first ever MUN Hackathon. During the event, the participants have created a video in German and English to explain MUN to students.

Crisis Conference

8th to 9th of April 2022 - The main event of the semester was the Nile Crisis simulation. The MUN conference combined elements of a crisis committee with the Security Council that was able to react to the events in the crisis. Set in 2023 and with Switzerland as an active member of the UNSC, the event was part of the promotion for the Swiss candidacy to the Security Council.