Executive Board

Executive Board

Noemi Burri

External Affairs & Secretary

Stefan Mijic


Caspar Morgenthaler

Internal Affairs

Luca Spreyermann

Events & Communication

Jan-Philipp Kirsch


Christoph Heinimann

Legal Advisor

What does JUNES do?

JUNES is the umbrella organization for Swiss student and youth associations dedicated to the United Nations. Founded in 2007 the network gathers thirteen associations from three linguistic regions in Switzerland. The majority of its member associations are Model United Nations (MUN) teams of the different Swiss Universities. They organize and participate at simulations of UN conferences and engage in various activities such as panel discussions or workshops about UN related issues.

What is the JUNES Board?

The board may consist of 5 persons with the responsibilities

  • Presidency
  • Treasury and Fundraising
  • Internal Affairs, Member Relations, and Event Coordination
  • Public Relations
  • Legal Advisor

The board consists of, as all people working for JUNES, non-remunerated volunteer positions.

The board is elected at the General Assembly.

Your profile and competences

Although the only requirement for your application for the board of JUNES is that you are a member of at least one of the member societies of JUNES, this are good points to consider for your application to the board of JUNES:

  • Active student in Switzerland; Enrolled for B.A, M.A. or P.H.D at a Swiss University.
  • Proficient level in English & German or French. Knowledge of Italian & other languages an asset.
  • At least one year experience working or volunteering for non-profit organizations.
  • Profound knowledge and interest in the United Nations System & Model United Nations.
  • Flair for working in a multicultural context & performing multi-dimensional tasks.
  • Natural talent for team-management, solid organizational skill & sense of responsibility.


Contact the Board info@unya.ch


Overview of the mission
The President is responsible for the good functioning of the NGO as a whole, and its effective external representation towards partners and professional entities. He’s also responsible for supervising the overall planning for the NGO during the year.

Key responsibilities
– Forge synergy with member association; organize, prepare & manage monthly board meetings, remain available to assist & supervise member associations, take demand- driven approach to day-to-day decision-making processes & accommodate wishes of members.
– Keep the Board of JUNES informed on current state of actions, progress & difficulties, furthermore assist the Board determine & monitor activities, opportunities & challenges.
– Assist & supervise all mandated project teams, ensure compliance with sub-targets, reporting and evaluation mechanisms.
– Organize the General Assembly and board meetings
– Represent JUNES to stakeholders & partners; Swiss Federal Department of Foreign
Affairs, United Nations Association Switzerland (GSUN), Swiss National Youth Council (CSAJ/SAJV), World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA), United Nations Youth Association Network (UNYANet), United Nations Office in Geneva (UNOG), Mercator Foundation ect.
– Promote and represent JUNES at external events
– Strengthen JUNES as the primary platform for Swiss UN Youth interaction & action.
– Determine and implement overall strategy (short term and long term)


Overview of the mission
The Finance of Fundraising Director is responsible for the financial sustainability of the organization. He/she establishes a budget, balance sheet and profit and losses according to Swiss GAAP RPC 21.

Key responsibilities
– Finance
– Prepare a forecast budget for the yearly mandate
– Follow-up on the expenses of each event and keep the books update
– Keep track of the account inflows and outflows along the year
– Report regularly to the presidency, the General Assembly and at the Board meeting
– Prepare the financial statement at the end of the mandate

Knowledge of Swiss accounting rules is a requirement; experience a plus.