Meet our member associations


ETH Model United Nations was founded in 2007 by two enthusiastic students who knew about the principle of Model United Nations and could not bear this idea of not being implemented at Europe’s leading technological university. Ever since that moment, members of ETH MUN have organized weekly meetings to simulate the work and the intense debates of the UN and to prepare for international MUN conferences. Today, ETH MUN is one of the biggest commissions of the VSETH (Students’ Union of the ETH) with an ever growing number of members and an active Alumni network.

MUN Berne

Since its foundation in 2008, MUN Bern provides students with an insight into the workings of the United Nations and serves as a platform for people who are interested in international relations, negotiations and world politics. Through various workshops on rhetoric and negotiations as well input by guest speakers and lecturers, we enable our participants to gain a wide range of practical skills. We are also proud to offer an ECTs accredited seminar in collaboration with the law and history department of the University of Bern. Over the course of two semesters the students receive coaching by experiences members and professionals alike.

MUN Ticino

Founded in 2019, the Model United Nations - Ticino Association aims to offer young people in the upper middle and professional schools of Ticino the opportunity to learn about the UN and participate in the Model United Nations simulations. Our goal is to regularly host a TI-MUN Conference in the fall semester open to both upper middle and university students and to furthermore become an active pole in promoting MUN simulations in colleges and professional schools: through those events students can learn how to identify concrete solutions, promote a multilateral approach, develop a critical and constructive approach to the problems of the present time.


Geneva International Model United Nations (GIMUN) is a non-governmental organisation with special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations based in Geneva. Run entirely by students, its aim is to promote the ideals and principles of the United Nations by giving students the chance to participate in educational events. GIMUN collaborates with other similar organisations in Switzerland and around the world, such as JUNES, HamMUN, POLMUN and CologneMUN. GIMUN is also a member of GSUN and JUNES. We are actively developing partnerships with other student associations in Switzerland and abroad in order to increase awareness of the importance of the work done by the United Nations.

MUN Lucerne

MUNiLU is an accredited student association at the University of Lucerne, in the heart of Switzerland. MUNiLU was founded in 2008 with help from Prof. Lavanex and the MUN Team of the University of Zurich. The first delegation of MUNiLU participated at the Harvard World Model United Nations in The Hague in 2009. Since then, MUNiLU has been represented successfully by delegates at conferences all over the world. MUNiLU offers weekly sessions for students interested in diplomacy, debating and International affairs and prepares students for international conferences. In addition, we have several fun social events to bond outside the debates!


Four political science students founded the association MUN Team University of Zurich in 2007 to organize a delegation to the Harvard WorldMUN 2008 in Puebla. Other eight members joined the association and joined in the preparation for this important conference. The experience in Mexico was great, and the delegation a huge success! To further participate at MUN conferences, two new board members were elected and later new team members joined.

Mosaïque UNIL

Fondée en 1997, l’association Mosaïque UNIL se propose d’organiser une grande variété d’activités afin de sensibiliser la communauté universitaire aux enjeux internationaux. Comptant parmi nos rangs des étudiants d’origines diverses et poursuivant des cursus différents, nos membres reflètent le caractère international et multidisciplinaire de l’association. L’association Mosaïque UNIL poursuit principalement quatre activités. En premier lieu, les Models United Nations (MUN) sont des simulations académiques lors des-quelles les étudiants jouent le rôle de délégué de l’ONU. Ils représentent la position du pays assigné sur un sujet particulier, le but étant d’aboutir à une résolution.

MUN Basel

The MUN Team Uni Basel brings the concept of Model United Nations to Basel. We are a group of students who meet weekly to simulate the organs of the United Nations, including the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council and many, many more. In these debates, you do not only learn more about the UN, the topic at hand and the country you are representing, but also how to make your position matter. In the last ten years, MUN Team Uni Basel has participated in conferences in Montréal, New York, Taipei, Singapore, Helsinki, Vienna, Berlin, and Lausanne. Moreover, we are the organizers of the renowned yearly MUN Regio Basel conference for pupils of the Basel region.


FriMUN - Fribourg Model United Nations - is an organisation of the University of Fribourg that simulates the General Assembly of the United Nations. As such, each member of FriMUN gets to choose a country and represent its interests as a delegate. Every semester we have different topics to be discussed. Being open to all students, FriMUN is one of the most welcoming student societies at the University of Fribourg. Over time it has become a favourite of Erasmus students from Europe and around the world. Every semester, our members gather to debate global issues in our weekly debates, always embracing our spirit and values. At the beginning, the main purpose of our student organisation was to serve as a platform for a handful of members to participate in international MUNs, such as WorldMUN and discussing global issues which need to be addressed. Nowadays our goal is to raise students’ interest in global issues and give them the opportunity to participate in debates, workshops as well as national and international MUN Conferences.

St. Gallen MUN

St Gallen Model United Nations is an association founded at the University of St. Gallen in May 2011. Model UN is a simulation of the United Nations, aiming at providing students with a strong introduction to the world of international politics and diplomacy. It gives them the unique opportunity to play the role of a UN ambassador for a few days and represent a given country in a committee (UNESCO, WTO, HRC, SC,...) of the United Nations on pre-worked topics.


MUN EPFL is an association that simulates the United Nations, organizes debates around international politics and training for a wide range of communication skills. Its members travel around the world to represent EPFL and Switzerland, regularly winning awards. Our ambition is to fill the soft skills gap on the EPFL campus. We believe in empowering science and engineering students through diverse activities and workshops that aim to improve their confidence, public speaking skills, ability to network and connect with people and enrich their thinking and knowledge of international politics at the same time.

Further Members to be added soon