About us


Do you want to represent a country in different UN committees at international MUN conferences all around the world? Do you aspire to change the world for the better? Do you wish to make a difference and speak up?
JUNES is the umbrella organization of all MUN Teams in Switzerland. We unite the Swiss youth passionate about the United Nations and international diplomacy. Get involved! It is your chance to LEARN, LIVE and LEAD.


A clear vision of JUNES is the key to long-term strategies and sustainable initiatives. Our vision of Junes is the following:
JUNES aims to be Switzerland’s primary platform for contact, exchange and support between youth associations dedicated to the UN in order to promote the multilateral approach of the UN to solve international problems.


A well-defined mission grasps the purpose of the association and is the key to coherence and progress in all aspects of involvement at all times. In accordance with the statutes of JUNES, we interpret the mission of JUNES to be the following:
Promote coordination and teamwork combined with information and knowledge sharing between the JUNES member associations, Enhance recognition by third parties in order to promote and support our member associations, Sensitize and consult young people on UN-related issues.