Upcoming GA in Berne

In the name of the Provisional Board of JUNES we would like to invite you to the next General Assembly which is going to take place in Berne on the 24th of February starting at 13:00. We kindly ask you to arrive a few minutes early to get to know everyone so can start on time.

Please find the agenda for the GA as a Google Document. In case you have any amendments you would like to make, please send them via mail until the 17th of February 2019 to info@unya.ch

Persons who would like to candidate for a board position are asked to send in their application till the 24th 2019, 14:00, along with any project ideas they might have using the google form.

The new articles of association that will be discussed and vote upon on the General Assembly can be found here.

This meeting is also an opportunity for the different associations to mingle and get to know each other – a good place to share ideas and best practices. Not only JUNES representatives, but the whole MUN Boards and Members are invited!

Looking forward to see you in Berne!